Here are links and credits to all the people who helped me to make my music “alive” & helped me to do this website


Musicians, people & Gear involved in this adventure :

Website Programming & Design


Gears (Hardware)


  • Jimmy Johnson (Bass – Guest on “WDMC”)
  • Dave Weckl (Drums – Guest on “Metropolitan”)
  • Mitchel Forman (Piano – Guest on “First Step”)
  • Phillip Sear (Piano – Guest on “A Long Road”)
  • Craig Sharmat (Guitars – Guest)
  • Benny Greb (Drums – Guest)
  • Gregg Bissonnette (Drums – Guest  on Inner Visions, Excalibur Part II, Clumsy Dog)
  • Martin Miller (Guitars, Mixing, Co-Producer – Guest on “Metropolitan”)
  • John “JR” Robinson (Drums – Guest on “Zuul”, “WDMC”, Excalibur)
  • John Pena (Bass – Guest on “Zuul”)
  • Will Lee (Bass – Guest on “Metropolitan”)

Virtual Instruments & Sound Libraries