01. The Last Starfighter – The Orchestral Medley
02. The Superman Medley
03. Return of the Jedi – The Orchestral Medley
04. Space 1999 – Main Titles
05. Princess Leia’s Theme (Star Wars)
06. The Rocketeer To The Rescue / End Credits
07. Luke and Leia (Star Wars VI)
08. Marion’s Theme (Indiana Jones)
09. The Back Hole – The Orchestral Medley
10. Blue Thunder – Main Theme

Bonus Tracks (Video only / Free)
11. The Iron Eagle – Main Titles
12. Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Valiant + The Will

Music By Craig Safan, John Williams, James Horner, Arthur B. Rubinstein || Additionnal Tracks by Basil Poledouris & Alan Silvestri
Didier Martini : Piano, Keyboards & Other Instruments | Arrangement, Video editing, Mixing & Production.
Marc Papeghin : Brass Section & Other Instruments | Arrangements, Mixing & Co-Production
Album Artwork : Deadale

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Marc Papeghin

Marc Papeghin

Best Friend and Musician

Marc Papeghin is a Composer, Arranger, Video Editor and French Horn/Trumpet Session Player. He also likes to try and play any other instrument he can get his hands on ( Drums, Keyboards, Guitar and Trombone amongst others ! ).
From Progressive Metal to Classical Music and Movie Scores, his musical tastes are quite eclectic. He’s known for producing huge projects such as his Final Fantasy Medley Series which often involve a large amount of musicians.
Didier Martini

Didier Martini

2nd Best Friend and Musician

Following in the footsteps of his idols Chick Corea and John Williams ( just to name a few ) Didier went on to learn the piano and the craft of computerized music back when DAWs  – Digital Audio Workstation – were still in their primitive form !
He’s then dedicated his life to creating original pieces and unique arrangements of music ranging from fusion to jazz, classical, Pop-Rock and movie soundtracks.